Natural Pack

food coating has never been tastier

Natural Pack takes care of your coating from A to Z

Our food coating Natcoat is an edible layer that can consist of different ingredients. The ingredients can be, for example, herbs, vegetables, cheeses or fruit. The ingredients are bonded together with a gelling agent and fibres so that a layer is obtained.

The purpose of Natcoat is to apply an ingredient in solid form on, in, under or around a food product (pâté, cooked ham, etc.) by simple manipulation. By applying Natcoat to the food, the end product is given added value with infinite possibilities of taste and appearance.

Natural Pack processes a wide range of products

Natcoat can be used by the meat, fish, dairy and bakery sectors.
By using Natcoat, a simple operation can give a high added value to the look, taste and appearance of the end product.
The customer can produce much more efficiently and smoothly, no loss of product and no extra cleaning of machines.
There is a choice of size, thickness, shape ( bar, round, square,...). Natcoat can also be offered immediately in jars so that the customer can fill them without any additional action.

Through the use of Natcoat there is the possibility to completely cover e.g. pâté.

There is an infinite variety of flavours so that the customer can market a completely different product with the same base, e.g. different flavours in the same packaging.
Some examples of Natcoat flavours are: red onion, white onion, mango, cranberries, figs, black pepper, orange, apple-cinnamon, apple-red berries, mustard, gingerbread, mustard honey, green pepper and wasabi.